Explore diagrams through sound

  • Co-creators: Anna Heib, Johann-Jost Dierks
  • Supervised by: Prof. Boris Müller
  • My tasks: Research, Concept, Prototyping, Video Production and Editing
  • Project website:
  • Design process: Incom Documentation
  • Year: 2015

Biko is a system to explore complex information through sound. Its intention is to create a better non-visual learning experience for auditive learners, visually impaired and everyone who wishes to diversify his/her learning habits.

Complex relationships, as usually visualized in diagrams, can be explore through audio sequences and sounds in our spatial surrounding. Easy hand gestures enable an active interaction with the sonification.

A User Centered Design Process

The biggest challenge during our design process was shifting perspectives. We started off with several interviews with impaired people, did extensive research and brainstorming. Finally we developed and tested our prototype. The whole process is documented in our incom documentation. Feel free to follow our journey there or visit our project website.

Impressions of the design process

User Experience Design & Data Visualization

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