• Co-creators: Anne-Sophie Bazard and Bastien Gischig
  • Supervised by Cyril Diagne
  • My tasks: Concept, Prototyping and construction of the virtual reality glasses
  • Year 2014

Rotamanipulator plays with visual perception. While one person is wearing virtual reality glasses and a hat with a camera on top, a second person uses a remote control to change what the person is seeing.


The main elements of the hat are a simple hard hat, a motor and a smartphone. The Smartphone is used to film the environment and transmit the video to the virtual reality glasses. It is attached via a light wooden construction to a small motor. The motor is connected with a remote control, that enables a second person to turn the smartphone in different directions.

The DIY virtual reality glasses are lasered out of super light wood. Inside there is an ipad mini and two magnifiers, which strengthen the impression of a ”real“ image.

Our paperprototype

Rotamanipulator was part of the one-week workshop Rotary Club led by Cyril Diagne at écal in 2014. See the documentation of the whole workshop below.

User Experience Design & Data Visualization

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